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Policies, Organization, Structure and Mission of the SOEST Web site.

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Basic Policies

The following is intended to provide basic guidelines, policies, and information for SOEST employees and students posting web documents to the SOEST web server.

Mission of the SOEST Web Site

The SOEST web pages:

  1. serve as the main portal to the School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology’s component departments, research groups, and facilities;
  2. provide a means of communicating news and organization-wide information to the general public, the scientific and academic communities elsewhere, and faculty, students, and staff within SOEST;
  3. highlight and showcase the exciting and original ongoing research and innovation at the School, as well as the academic and educational accomplishments of SOEST personnel;
  4. act as a resource for research and education for the the general public, the scientific and academic communities, and faculty, students, and staff of SOEST.

SOEST Web Organization

SOEST has three levels of web page listing:

  1. SOEST-Level: The “top-level” introductory pages. School organization and administration, site-wide search engine and school-wide directory, site map, contacts pages. General overviews of, and links to, departments, research, Students, news and outreach activities, facilities and labs, and other resources.

    In general, these are the “top-level” pages whose URLs end with file names “soest.something.htm”. Except for The School pages, these are generally summary or searchable pages linking to main content on other pages within the overall SOEST web site.

  2. Departments, Divisions, Research Institutes, Other Units: Expanded and specific information about research and teaching activities, academic programs, links to individual’s pages, and to programs, projects, facilities and resources, etc.

    In general, these pages are linked from one of the appropriate “top level” ages such as Departments, Research, or Resources, and from the Site Map.

  3. Personal pages and individual facilities. Personal and professional pages of active Faculty, Students, and Staff with information about classes, research, etc. Also, detailed information about labs, facilities, and other support resources and services.

    These are found under the appropriate department, division, institute, etc. pages—rarely, if ever, from a “top level” page. They can, of course, also be found via the Directory and Search pages.

In general, hosting locations of new web sites on the SOEST server are set by RCF policy to be within the server directory of the primary unit of the person responsible for the site. Requests for exemption should be addressed to the SOEST Web Committee".

For Levels 1 and 2 contact information see Table below; for level 3 contact initials directly or see table below.

SOEST Web Policies

The SOEST web server is available to all active faculty, staff and students for the posting of information and content that is directly related to the activities within SOEST. It is there for users to post information to, so please use it.

Please bear in mind that it is each person's responsibility to ensure that their page(s) adhere to the minimal guidelines and requirements outlined elsewhere and in this document, that pages are kept current, and that pages portray SOEST in a positive manner.


By its nature, the world-wide web is designed to support the free exchange of ideas and information between internet users worldwide. All directories and files on SOEST network computers that are accessible for dissemination by our server should be readable by all, but writeable only by the author (or their "group"). Please see Instructions on using UNIX CHMOD for a description of what file and directory permissions are, and how to set them properly. Each person in SOEST is responsible for helping to keep our site functioning properly and safely in as much as they can control and properly set the permissions for the files and directories they own.

Getting Linked

Non-SOEST-level pages will be linked primarily by the research / teaching unit to which an individual is attached. SOEST-level pages and / or major new additions to the SOEST server should be brought to the attention of

The pages will be evaluated for adherence to minimal guidelines and requirements and, when approved, linked to the appropriate page.

Who “Runs” and Manages the SOEST Web Server

The day-to-day operations of our server are overseen and maintained by the Research Computer Facility (RCF). RCF is advised by the SOEST Web Committee, which consists of faculty, students, and staff of our school, and is chaired by Ken Rubin. The SOEST web site is maintained primarily through the combined efforts of the following persons:

  • Web Systems Manager
  • Pat Townsend,
  • SOEST Research Computer Facility
  • 1680 East-West Rd, POST 820, Honolulu, HI 96822 USA
  • Tel: (808) 956-5243 • Fax: (808) 956-9256
  • Web Committee
  • Prof. Ken Rubin,
  • Dept. of Geology & Geophysics
  • 1680 East-West Rd, POST 820, Honolulu, HI 96822 USA
  • Tel: (808) 956-8973
  • Publication Services
  • Brooks Bays(design),
  • Tel: (808) 956-7079
  • 2525 Correa Rd, HIG 132, Honolulu, HI 96822 USA

Defunct Web Pages (aka “cobweb pages”)

Old legacy web pages and sites, which have not been updated in 12 months and have no active webmaster or contact person will be considered defunct and removed from the server. They will be retained for a period of time for possible use or reuse of content.

Apollo 17 image of Earth.

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Active SOEST Web Site Contacts (As of date listed)

Department / Facility / Group Contact Person E-mail Phone As of...
Atmospheric Sciences Mike Gonsalves x62568 03/30/13
Geology & Geophysics Ken Rubin x68973 * 03/15/05
HIGP Linda Martel x69237 04/30/02
HIMB Deanna Lee (808) 236-7401 03/30/13
HMRG Joyce Miller x69395 04/14/13
HNEI Grace Fujino x62332 03/15/05
HURL Rachel S. Orange x66183 03/17/05
IPRC Gisela Speidel x69252 03/15/05
JIMAR Nicole Wakazuru x68983 03/15/05
Ocean Resources and Engineering Yaprak Onat x66101 02/24/12
Oceanography Pamela Petras x69937 03/30/13
PFRP Dodie Lau x68975 03/15/05
Publication Services / Illustration Brooks Bays x67079 07/28/10
Sea Grant Ann Yanagi x67031 03/15/05
SOEST Brooks Bays x67079 05/23/11
Space Grant Linda Martel x69237 04/30/02

* “x” = “(808)-96” if not calling from UH Manoa Campus

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Flowchart (from the top down) of the SOEST WWW Management

SOEST Dean's Office              SOEST Computer Committee
         \                         /          |
   (content issues)               /       (hardware
           \                     /         issues)
            \                   /             |
           SOEST   WWW   Committee            |
            /             |       \           |
           /              |        \          |
SOEST  Publications       |       SOEST Computer Facility
(school-wide pages)       |
              Department, Division, Program
                   Web Page Committees

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