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Public Outreach

SOEST Open House

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  • Every second year SOEST holds an Open House to which everyone is invited. Thousands of children from public, private, and home schools all over O‘ahu visit our facilities on the UH Mānoa campus. The next Open House in October 2015.

SOEST Brochure

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  • Download high-resolution (50MB) or low-resolution (6MB) PDF of the new SOEST brochure, which provides an excellent overview of the school and its mission (funding profile updated 05-25-12).

SOEST Bulletin

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  • Weekly news at the School, including events, grants, publications, and other announcements.

Ask-an-Earth-Scientist ©

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  • “Your Questions Stop Here.” Submit a question to one of our volunteer experts in the Geology and Geophysics Department. You can also read or search questions that have already been answered.

C-MORE Education & Outreach

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  • C-MORE is committed to training the next generation of microbial oceanographers by working with K-12 students and their teachers. C-MORE is particularly focused on increasing diversity by reaching out to underrepresented groups, including ethnic minorities and persons with disabilities.

Centers for Ocean Sciences Education Excellence - Island Earth (COSEE-IE)

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  • COSEE Island Earth works closely with science and community partners to develop and distribute programs that support ocean science literacy and stewardship across the Hawaiian Islands.
  • Contact: Carlie Wiener

Graduate Student Blog: “Real Science at SOEST!”

Hawai‘i Institute of Marine Biology (HIMB)

Hanauma Bay Education Program

    Hanauma Bay Education Program
  • Developed and is administered by the UH Sea Grant College Program. Over one million annual visitors are educated on the value of marine resources and how to safely interact with them. The program also hosts weekly public evening presentations to share marine and coastal research and issues with community audiences.

NASA Regional Planetary Data Center

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  • An archive of planetary data that serves the planetary research and education community throughout the Pacific, hosting an annual summer “Space Week.”

National Ocean Science “Aloha Bowl”

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  • Developed to stimulate interest in the ocean sciences among high school students and demonstrate to the public the importance of the oceans in our daily lives, the most recent Hawaii Regional Competition for the National Ocean Science Bowl—the “Aloha Bowl”—was in February 2010.

News Portal

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  • Visit our News portal for links to in-the-news archives and press releases. The SOEST Bulletin (updated weekly) has events, grant notices, and special announcements.

Ocean FEST

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  • Ocean FEST (Families Exploring Science Together) puts science in the hands of Hawai‘i’s students and their families. Our overarching goal is to interest Hawai‘i’s kids in careers in ocean science and related fields through fun, hands-on activities.

Planetary Science Research Discoveries (PSRD)

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  • An educational site sharing the latest research on meteorites, planets, and other solar system bodies being made by NASA-sponsored scientists.


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  • COSEE Island Earth is pleased to announce the public launch of seaHarmony, an online collaboration tool that matches ocean science researchers with educators, managers, and traditional practitioners in Hawaii based on compatibility and collaboration preferences.

Science Communication Portfolio

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  • This communication-training document for scientists is designed to help you communicate your research to different audiences, and provides modules and a sample document to guide you through the process. Please take a brief, 1-minute survey to share your interest, receive updates, and get contact information for further questions.

SOEST Speakers Bureau

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  • Faculty, staff, and students in this listing are willing to speak to school groups or other organizations about the following topics in ocean and earth science and technology. Contact info for individual speakers is on the web page.

SOEST Expeditions

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  • Links to oceanographic research cruises in which SOEST faculty, researchers, and staff are participating in (or have participated in).

SOEST at iTunes U

If you have news to share, or would like more information about any of the above, please contact:

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