School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology


The academic departments are the loci of classroom teaching, graduate student mentoring, and degree granting within SOEST. Department faculty members also conduct independent research. Members of the research faculties of the research institutes and other programs can participate in the teaching mission of one or another SOEST department by offering courses through the departments or by serving on graduate student committees. Graduate students, of course, typically conduct original research as part of their degree program. Classrooms and labs can be in a building on campus or in a ship at sea, just off shore or at the summit of a volcano, or entirely online.

Go to the Marine Biology graduate program siteGraduate Program in Marine Biology
The UH Board of Regents have approved the establishment of a graduate program in marine biology at UH Mānoa. The program will offer a master of science degree and doctorate in marine biology, and will be jointly administered by the College of Natural Sciences (CNS) and SOEST. It has been designed to train future leaders in the marine biological sciences, which include fisheries, coral reef biology, marine ecology and evolutionary genetics, marine biosensory and physiological processes, and marine resources management as they relate to tropical marine life and systems. For more information about the program, please visit

Atmospheric Sciences (formerly Meteorology)

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  • The department offers BS, MS, and PhD degrees. Research focuses on tropical meteorology and, in particular, on the meteorology of the Pacific and Indian Oceans and of Asia.
  • 2525 Correa Rd, HIG 350, Honolulu, HI 96822 USA
  • (808) 956-8775 •

Geology and Geophysics

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  • The department offers BA, BS, MS, PhD and MGeo (a professional Masters) degrees. Research is organized into six general fields: Composition and dynamics of Earth’s deep interior; Formation, motion and recycling of Earth’s crust (the rock cycle); Earth’s surface: water, sediments, and life; Earth history; Earth hazards, resources and sustainability; and The Solar System.
  • 1680 East West Rd, Honolulu, HI 96822 USA
  • (808) 956-7640 •


Ocean and Resources Engineering

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  • The department offers MS and PhD degrees. Research projects cover a wide variety of subject areas ranging from the theoretical through the practical.
  • 2540 Dole St, Holmes Hall 402, Honolulu, HI 96822 USA
  • (808) 956-7572 •


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  • The department offers a BS in Global Environmental Science, MS and PhD degrees in Oceanography. Academic and research divisions include Physical Oceanography, Marine Geology and Geochemistry, and Biological Oceanography.
  • 1000 Pope Rd, Honolulu, HI 96822 USA
  • (808) 956-7633 •